Drilling muds, additives and tools for drillers
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PROMAFOR France was created in 1986, to manufacture and sell a complete range of drilling muds and foaming agents for water wells. In 1990 the intoduction of PVC casings and screens doubled turnover, which has reached in 2006 $12 Millions. Now PROMAFOR is a part of OREFI-OREXAD GROUP, Lyon, France.

The company covers the whole of Europe as well as North Africa, supplying products for drilling water wells, mining and geotechnical surveys. We offer à wide range of products including chemicals, PVC, steel, stainless steel casings and screens, drag and roller bits, and rods.

Our principal area of expertise is in polymer and bentonite drilling muds , additives to prevent clays swelling, losses of circulation, diamond coring, foaming agents, and greases for threads.

Contact us, with any enquiries, we will you with either a standard or project specific solution to meet your needs.


FRANCE center: OPM-Promafor in Paris (Voisins le Bretonneux)
France West: REDIF-Promafor in Nantes (St Philbert)
France South East: PROMAFOR Méditerranée in Marseille (Aubagne)
France South West:SOVEMA in Vauvert (Montpellier)
TUNISIA: PROMAFOR Tunisia (manufacture) in M'nara (Sousse).
BELGIUM: Géotechno à Hoeillaart, South of Brussels.
SPAIN: Boart Longyear in Madrid.
HOLLAND: Boart Longyear in Etten-Leur.
NORWAY: in Trondheim.

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